Bradly Kart Stop Motion 1
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Features Edit

Retro Features Edit

The coin collecting from Mario Kart 7 returns. You are able to collect as many coins as you can but only the first 10 give extra speed. Tricks from Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7 return. Gliders, Driving Underwater and Kart customization returns from Mario Kart 7. Bikes return from Mario Kart Wii. Ghost Data downloading and versing many ghost data returns from Mario Kart 7. Mission Mode returns from Mario Kart DS.

New Features Edit

The only new feature is the mode of Rival Challenges.

Modes Edit

  • Single Player
    • Grand Prix - Race for 1st place in cups of 4 courses
    • Time Trial - Race alone for the best time
    • Custom Race - Race against opponents on Custom Created Cups
    • VS - Race endlessly on any tracks you like
    • Battle - Battle against your opponents. you can set a time limit as a new feature
      • Coin Runners - Collect the coins
      • Balloon Battle - Pop your opponents balloons
    • Mission Mode - Play missions to with difficult goals to test your Bradly Kart ability
      • Missions - Play up to 80 different missions on different difficulties
      • Boss Battles - Defeat as many bosses as you can within the time limit
    • Stadium - Design your own tracks
  • Multiplayer - Play with 2 - 4 players

    Ghost Race (Bradly Kart Channel, 1 player) A Time Trial race with ghosts made by players around the world with relatively the same skill level to the actual player.



The main feature is the use of the motion sensing of theWii Remote. By tilting the remote, players can steer their karts. During the development of this game, Nintendo hoped to address some of the issues game critics faced with the first racing game Nintendo published for the Wii, Excite Truck, by making Mario Kart Wii compatible with the Wii Wheel[citation needed]. Since the Wii Remote is designed to be inserted into the Wii Wheel (it is not an independent controller), players can also play without the Wheel if they choose to. Mario Kart Wii can also be played by connecting the Nunchuk Controller or the Classic Controller, or using theGameCube Controller. Controlling the vehicle is divided up into two sections: Basic and Advanced.

Basic ControlsEdit

  • Accelerate: When drivers hold down the corresponding button, the vehicle goes forward.
  • Steer: Steering lets drivers move around corners.
  • Brake: Braking slows the vehicle to an abrupt stop.
  • Reverse: The driver's kart goes backwards if the driver holds the brake button. If a vehicle reaches maximum top speed, the vehicle will drift instead.
  • Look Behind: Drivers can look behind their vehicle. In this way, drivers can be alert from other drivers incoming to steal their place. Drivers can also use this feature to see where they are going while backing up, or to aim a weapon at an opponent following up. This feature once appeared in Super Mario Kart.
  • Drift: Drivers drift to keep the vehicle's speed and take corners much easily, with the benefit of getting mini-turbos. The feature can be set to happen automatically or when a button is held.

Advanced ControlsEdit

Rocket Start (Mario Kart Wii)

Rocket Start: Drivers can perform a speed boost when a race begins. If drivers hold down the corresponding acceleration button right after the timer displays the number 2, then he/she will receive an extra speed boost when the word GO! appears on the screen. However, if drivers hold down the acceleration button for too long, when the final beep is heard, their engine bursts and they get an even worse start than a regular one and take a few seconds to recover.

  • Mini-turbo: When drivers drift for a reasonable amount of time varying on the vehicle used, blue sparks erupt from the vehicle's rear tires. Releasing the drift button gives them a short burst of speed. In a kart, drivers can keep drifting for longer periods to get orange sparks and a longer boost. However, orange sparks cannot be created on bikes. Of course, the drifting stats of the vehicle used also matters. Drivers can also perform a "standing mini-turbo" by holding the brake and drift buttons at the same time. A mini-turbo can't be performed when drifting is set to automatic, but the standing mini-turbo can.
  • Tricks: Drivers can pull off a trick when they jump in order to gain a momentary mini-turbo. Drivers can perform a trick by flicking the Wii Remote, pressing the on Classic Controller, or on the GameCube Controller in any direction when going off a ramp or hill. They obtain a speed boost when landing.
  • Wheelie: Wheelies can be performed only when drivers ride Bikes. Drivers can increase their speed when they lift up the front of their bike. While drivers hold the front of the bike up, the bike can hardly turn. The wheelie can be ended by braking, hopping, waiting for the wheelie to end, or simply setting the Wii Wheel or Wii Remote back down or pressing . If drivers are bumped into while they are performing a wheelie, they lose most of their speed


Licenses replace normal save files. It is the first Bradly Kart game to feature save files.

Each license contains each player's data, their Mii, nickname, Friend Code, and a table including all categories and cups with an empty space. After a cup is won, the corresponding space is filled in with a colored square: gold for first place, silver for second, bronze for third. If at any time the Mii being used for Bradly Kart Stop Motion 1 is deleted from the Mii Channel, the in-game Mii is also deleted.

Friend RosterEdit


A friend roster.Players can add different people around the world on to their Bradly Kart Stop Motion 1 Friend Roster. Two people need to add the Friend Codes on their licenses. There are 5 people on each row, with 6 rows. As such, a player can have up to 30 people on their Friend Roster. If two people are friends on a roster, one can open a room, which allows who is ever friends with the person to join that room. In the room, the players who joined can send messages. If a player who added the person who created the room, and another person joins and the player has not added them, they have an ability to do so. The host of the room can choose a VS Race, Team VS Race, Balloon Battle, and Coin Runners. If a player joins a race when another player is online and friends with them, the player who added the player in the race can join that race and race with the friend.


On Item Tracks Edit

Items Edit

Special ItemsEdit

Random Special Items

Special Items DescriptionEdit

Special Items Description
Fireballs Bradly shoots the Fireballs from his kart, which spin the driver when hit.
Poultergust Shawna equips his vehicle with a Poultergeist which sucks up vehicles in front and sends them behind him
Triple Stars Kayden has three stars which surround her vehicle and every time she all the other drivers when hits then lose your items.
Yoshi Egg Yoshi fires one Yoshi Egg which roll around the course until it hits a driver and makes them spin.
King Bob-omb Bowser throws or drop the King Bob-omb on the tracks. They lose your items all the other drivers when hit.
Giant Banana Donkey Kong pulls out a giant banana and throws it onto the track, any player it hits will spin.
Giant Para-Shell Koopa Troopa pulls the Giant Para-Shell, all the other drivers when hit, They lose your items.
1-Up Mushroom Toad Gets a 1-Up Mushroom of the Life gets all the other driver are 1-Up Mushroom.
Bubble Drop Baby Mario shoots the blast of bubble in front of her, which acts as a bubble drops hazard that effects all the other drivers, but not Baby Mario.
Heart Baby Peach has three hearts which surround her vehicle and every time she gets hit by an item, one of the hearts absorbs it.
Poison Star Waluigi pulls the Poison Star of purple. surround all the other drivers when hit by losing ther items.
Pink Boo King Boo has five boos of enemy. Make a circle of Five Boos all the other drivers when hit again.
Triple Bone Shells Dry Bones kart is surronded by Three Bone Shells which explode on impact with any driver.
Super Garlic Wario's vehicle is equipped with a super garlic, which produces a white gas, which prevents other drivers to see where they are going
Luma Rosalina summons a swarm of Luma's to annoy all of the other drivers.
Paintbrush Bowser Jr picks up his magic paintbrush and turns the other drivers screens crazy, making it impossible to see clearly.
Spear Pack Shy Guy shoots the Spear of the Arrow like Spear Guy, all the other drivers when hit.
Lovely Mushroom Toadette has go boost of Lovely Mushroom of 1 speed boost which he can use to get further ahead or perform 1 speed boost on Lovely Mushroom.
Chain Chomp Baby Luigi hold this Chain Chomp race on the tracks all the other drivers when hit again.
Spiny Lakitu throws the Spiny drops on the track, which runs the opposite way to the drivers and spins them out when hit. It lasts until it has completed 1 whole lap.
Barrel Funky Kong throws the Barrel crashed in the track, all the other drivers when hit and lose your items
Flower Bomb Daisy throws a bomb into the air which explodes flowers all over the other drivers screens.
Triple Metal Shells Metal Mario fires three metal shells, which encase the driver hit in metal for 7 seconds.
Peanut Popgun Diddy Kong equips his peanut popgun to the front of his car and fires 10 peanuts, which race around the track running into the other drivers.
Random Special Items Mii has a random special items of all.

Selection Screen Edit

BKSM Characters Select Screen 2

1st Row - Bradly, Shawna, Kayden, Yoshi, Bowser and Donkey Kong

2nd Row - Koopa Troopa, Toad, Baby Mario, Baby Peach, Waluigi and King Boo

3rd Row - Dry Bones, Wario, Rosalina, Bowser Jr, Shy Guy and Toadette

4th Row - Baby Luigi, Lakitu, Funky Kong, Daisy, Metal Mario and Diddy Kong

5th Row - Mii

Characters Edit

Bradly Kart Stop Motion 1 includes 25 total drivers (12 standard drivers and 13 unlockable drivers). The following is the order of what weight classes go by in order from lightest to heaviest: Feather, Light, Medium, Cruiser, and Heavy.

Standard Drivers Edit

Unlockable Drivers Edit

Unlocking CriteriaEdit

Unlocking Criteria
Dry Bones Win 100cc Mushroom Cup
Wario Win 100cc Flower Cup
Rosalina Have Super Mario Galaxy on your Wii,Win 100cc Star Cup
Bowser Jr. Win 100cc Special Cup
Shy Guy Win 100cc Shell Cup
Toadette Win 100cc Banana Cup
Baby Luigi Win 100cc Leaf Cup
Lakitu Win 100cc Lightning Cup
Funky Kong Win all 50cc Wii Grand Prix Cups
Daisy Win all 50cc Retro Grand Prix Cups
Metal Mario Win all 150cc Wii Grand Prix Cups
Diddy Kong Win all 150cc Retro Grand Prix Cups
Mii Complete all 150cc Mirror Grand Prix Cups

Rival orderEdit

Much like in Bradly Kart Stop Motion 9, all playable characters is have a rival order, the order CPU drivers finish at the end of the race. However, unlike in Bradly Kart Stop Motion 9, it is more simplified, as groups of characters are set instead of single characters followed by another single character, etc.

Character Order
No. 1 Rival High Mid Low
Bradly Shawna, Bowser, Koopa Troopa, Metal Mario Daisy, Funky Kong, Toadette Kayden, Yoshi, Baby Mario
Shanwa Bradly, Yoshi, Daisy, Bowser Jr. Kayden, Koopa Troopa, Baby Luigi Wario, Rosalina, Shy Guy
Kayden Toad Diddy Kong, Lakitu Donkey Kong Baby Peach, Baby Mario
Yoshi Toad Donkey Kong, Toadette Kayden, Daisy, Funky Kong Waluigi, Wario
Bowser Bradly, Toad Dry Bones
Donkey Kong Bradly, Shy Guy, Koopa Troopa Dry Bones Bowser Jr, Funky Kong, Baby Luigi
Koopa Troopa Kayden Bowser, Toad, Shy Guy Lakitu, Dry Bones, Waluigi Donkey Kong, Daisy
Toad Kayden, Yoshi, Koopa Troopa, Daisy, Lakitu Bradly, Shawna, Bowser, Rosalina, Shy Guy Donkey Kong, Wario, Metal Mario, Funky Kong, Baby Luigi
Baby Mario Bradly, Shawna, Diddy Kong, Rosalina, Donkey Kong, King Boo Wario, Bowser Jr, Waluigi Funky Kong, Toad
Baby Peach Koopa Troopa Baby Mario, Diddy Kong, Toadette, Baby Luigi Waluigi, Daisy Funky Kong
Waluigi Baby Mario Bowser, Dry Bones, Wario, Rosalina Bowser Jr, Baby Luigi, King Boo Funky Kong
King Boo Donkey Kong Baby Peach, Waluigi, Diddy Kong, Bowser Jr, Wario Bradly, Toadette, Shawna, Kayden
Dry Bones King Boo, Diddy Kong, Funky Kong, Daisy Wario, Waluigi, Baby Peach Bradly, Toad
Wario Bradly Baby Luigi, Daisy, Lakitu Dry Bones, Koopa Troopa, Shanwa Bowser, Metal Mario
Rosalina Baby Luigi Diddy Kong, Yoshi, Shawna, Funky Kong Bradly, Toadette, Daisy, Wario, Shy Guy Bowser, Donkey Kong, Metal Mario, Lakitu
Bowser Jr. Koopa Troopa Funky Kong, Dry Bones, Diddy Kong, Waluigi King Boo, Rosalina Donkey Kong
Shy Guy Toad Shawna, Donkey Kong, Funky Kong, Lakitu Rosalina Bradly, Kayden, Daisy, Wario
Toadette Metal Mario King Boo, Rosalina, Dry Bones, Waluigi Baby Mario, Wario, Diddy Kong Funky Kong
Baby Luigi King Boo Waluigi, Wario, Dry Bones, Bowser Jr, Donkey Kong Bowser, Baby Mario, Funky Kong Diddy Kong
Lakitu Daisy Bradly, Shawna, Funky Kong, Dry Bones Kayden, Wario, Rosalina, Metal Mario, Shy Guy Bowser, Donkey Kong, Toad, Koopa Troopa
Funky Kong Bradly Shy Guy, Wario, Metal Mario, Bowser, Baby Mario Toad, Toadette Diddy Kong
Daisy Waluigi Shawna, Kayden, Yoshi, Wario Koopa Troopa, Metal Mario, Baby Luigi Toadette
Metal Mario Bradly Bowser, Rosalina, Funky Kong Shawna, Wario, Shy Guy Kayden, Daisy
Diddy Kong Wario King Boo, Koopa Troopa, Daisy, Baby Mario Funky Kong, Toadette, Donkey Kong Lakitu
Mii Metal Mario Kayden, Bowser, Koopa Troopa, Baby Luigi Yoshi, Toad, Daisy Diddy Kong

Body FrameEdit

Body Frame
Size Character
Small Koopa Troopa, Toad, Baby Mario, Baby Peach, Dry Bones, Bowser Jr, Shy Guy, Toadette, Baby Luigi, Lakitu, Diddy Kong
Medium Bradly, Shawna, Kayden, Yoshi, Waluigi, Rosalina, Daisy, Metal Mario, Mii
Big Bowser, Donkey Kong, King Boo, Wario, Funky Kong

Vehicles Edit

Main Article: Bradly Kart Stop Motion 1/Vehicle Parts

U = Unlockable

Karts Bikes Wheels Gliders U Karts U Bikes U Wheels U Gliders

Standard Kart
Raccoon Truck
World Truck
Cosmo Ray
Royal Tripper
Spooky Spectrum
Bulldozing Boost
Super Speed
Plug-in Piles

Standard Bike
Mole Bullet
Nitro Buggy
Candy Bike
Baldy Cycle
Icicle Blaster
Coneman Ship
Standard Wheels
Standard Glider
Christmas Present
Shelly's Hat

Pyramid Racer
Super Smasher
Lowriding Racer
Balloon Buggy
Tot Cart
Baldy'O Tyke
Airman Vampire
Rainbow Thief
Abandoned Prince

Ghost Bike
Flower Rider
Toy Trike
Game Console
Shark Trick
Squid Cycle
Ice Tornado
Icicle Sheared
Snow Shard
Astronaut Wing
Martian Ship

Standard Wii
Standard DS
Standard GCN
Standard 7
DK Jumbo
Bolt Buggy
Royal Ribbon
Aero Glider
B Dasher Mk2
Cheep Charger
Boo Pipes
Heart Coach
Green Fire
Koopa Dasher
Piranha Prowler
Poultergust 4000
Tiny Titan

Standard Wii
Bubble Bike
Mach Bike
Bullet Bike
Standard 7
Red Monster
Standard 7
Flower Glider
Turbo Blooper
Goo Goo Buggy
Koopa King
Barrel Train
Koopa Clown
Waluigi Racer
Turbo Birdo
Bumble V
Arcade Kart
Parade Kart
Egg 1
B Dasher
Shooting Star
Bowser Bike
Wario Bike
Dolphin Dasher
Bit Bike
Peach Parasol
Ghastly Glider

Unlocking CriterionEdit

Name Type How to Unlock Name Type How to Unlock
Thwomp Kart Kart 50 coins S-Slider Kart 4500 coins
Lowrider Kart 100 coins Bubble Booster Kart 5000 coins
Toy Car Kart 150 coins Banana Truck Kart 24 000 coins
Shell'O Monster Kart 200 coins Airman Kart 5500 coins
Pixel Prince Kart 250 coins Rainbow Rider Kart 6000 coins
Turbo Blooper Kart 300 coins Goo Goo Buggy Kart 6500 coins
Koopa King Kart 350 coins Barrel Train Kart 7000 coins
Growlster Kart 400 coins Koopa Clown Kart 7500 coins
Waluigi Racer Kart 450 coins Brute Kart 8000 coins
Turbo Birdo Kart 500 coins Bumble V Kart 8500 coins
Arcade Kart Kart 550 coins Parade Kart Kart 9000 coins
Egg 1 Kart 600 coins B Dasher Kart 9500 coins
Mini Wheels 650 coins Wood Wheels 10 000 coins
Slick Wheels 700 coins Star Wheels 10 500 coins
Mushroom Wheels 750 coins Slim Wheels 11 000 coins
Sponge Wheels 800 coins Electric Wheels 11 500 coins
Shell Wheels 850 coins Egg Wheels 12 000 coins
Choo-Choo Wheels 900 coins Peach Parasol Glider 12 500 coins
Ghastly Glider Glider 950 coins Lakitu's Cloud Glider 13 000 coins
Dragon Wings Glider 1000 coins Electric Glider 13 500 coins
Racket Glider 1500 coins Mushroom Glider 14 000 coins
Swoop Glider 2000 coins Rainbow Glider 14 500 coins
Bone Cycle Bike 2500 coins Petal Pedal Bike 15 000 coins
Snow Torpedo Bike 3000 coins Tot Tyke Bike 15 500 coins
Arrow Bike 3500 coins Bloop Bike Bike 16 000 coins
Wii Remote Bike 4000 coins Green Shot Bike 16 500 coins
Snow Shard Bike 17 500 coins Palm Spear Bike 17 000 coins
Phantom Bike 18 000 coins Rapide Bike 18 500 coins
Shooting Star Bike 19 000 coins Bowser Bike Bike 19 500 coins
Wario Bike Bike 20 000 coins Dolphin Dasher Bike 20 500 coins
Sugarscoot Bike 21 000 coins Bit Bike Bike 21 500 coins
Gold Kart Kart 22 000 coins Gold Bike Bike 22 500 coins
Gold Tires Wheels 23 000 coins Gold Glider Glider 23 500 coins


Wii CupsEdit

Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Special Cup
Luigi Circuit

Mario Circuit

Daisy Circuit

Dry Dry Ruins

Moo Moo Meadows Coconut Mall

Koopa Cape

Moonview Highway

Mushroom Gorge

DK Summit

(DK Snowboarding Cross

Maple Treeway

Bowser Castle
Toad's Factory

Wario's Gold Mine

Grumble Volcano

Rainbow Road

Retro CupsEdit

Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup Lightning Cup

GCN Mushroom Bridge

GCN Baby Park DS Shroom Ridge SNES Donut Plains 1
SNES Mario Circuit 1 GBA Peach Circuit GBA Sky Garden DS Waluigi Pinball
N64 Banshee Boardwalk DS DK Pass N64 Luigi Raceway GCN Sherbet Land
DS Cheep Cheep Beach N64 Wario Stadium GCN Luigi Circuit N64 Toad's Turnpike

Battle CoursesEdit

Wii Battle Courses Retro Battle Courses
Block Plaza SNES Battle Course 3
Delfino Pier N64 Big Donut
Funky Stadium GBA Battle Course 4
Chain Chomp Wheel GCN Tilt a Kart
Thwomp Desert DS Pipe Plaza

Other StagesEdit

These are only found in the Competitions.

Mission Mode Edit

No. Name Description Character
1-1 Bradly's Back Complete 1 lap of Luigi Circuit Bradly
1-2 Yoshi Daredevil Drive Complete 2 laps of Dry Dry Ruins,
you hitting any Pokeys and fail.
1-3 Muddy Coins Collect 20 Coins on '"Toad's Factory Toad
1-4 Cow Kills Kills 30 Cows on Moo Moo Meadows Kayden
1-5 Coin Circuit Collect 40 coins on GCN Luigi Circuit Baby Mario
1-6 Backward Raceway Go backward get off the cave on N64 Luigi Raceway Baby Peach
1-7 Donut Racer Finsish before DK on SNES Donut Plains 1 Bradly
1-8 Sherbet Racers Collect 39 Coins on GCN Sherbet Land Donkey Kong
1-Boss Chain Chomp Attacks Defeat Chain Chomp on Chain Chomp Wheel Waluigi

No. Name Description Character
2-1 Mushroom Bounce Smash 15 Item Boxes in 1 Lap of Mushroom Gorge Toad
2-2 Baby Battle Beat Baby Peach at a 10 Lap GCN Baby Park Baby Mario
2-3 Dry Dry Duel Beat Bowser at a 1 Lap duel on Dry Dry Ruins King Boo
2-4 Troopa Turns Complete 20 Power Slides on Koopa Cape Koopa Troopa
2-5 Dry Dry Pokeys Kill 27 Pokeys on Dry Dry Ruins Yoshi
2-6 Boardwalk Racers Finish before Koopa Troopa on N64 Banshee Boardwalk King Boo
2-7 Circuit Island Collect 30 Coins on Daisy Circuit Baby Peach
2-8 Koopa Capers Kill 27 Goombas on Koopa Cape Koopa Troopa
2-Boss Giga Island Beat Giga Lakitu on Wario's Gold Mine Yoshi

No. Name Description Character
3-1 Sherbet Battle Get 30 Coins on GCN Sherbet Land King Boo
3-2 Tak Pass Complete 25 Tricks on DK Snowboarding Cross Donkey Kong
3-3 Toad's Mayhem Dodge the attacks of Cars in N64 Toad's Turnpike Toad
3-4 Hauted Hunt Kill 10 Swoopers on N64 Banshee Boardwalk King Boo
3-5 Pinball Baby Finish before Waluigi on DS Waluigi Pinball Baby Mario
3-6 Raceway Racers Collect 25 coins on N64 Luigi Raceway King Boo
3-7 Stadium Parade Finish before King Boo on N64 Wario Stadium Baby Mario
3-8 Koopa Battle Collect 20 coins on Koopa Cape Koopa Troopa
3-Boss Wiggler's Hunter Beat Wiggler on Mario Circuit Bowser

No. Name Description Character
4-1 Swoop Dodger Dodge herds of Bats on N64 Banshee Boardwalk Koopa Troopa
4-2 Trick Master This a DS Waluigi Pinball in 1 lap with Toad Waluigi
4-3 Mapletree Drive Complete 3 Laps of Maple Treeway in the alloted time Yoshi
4-4 Bowser Danger Complete 3 Laps of Bowser Castle against 3 Dark Bowser Bowser
4-5 Swooper Gold Mine Kills 5 Swoops on Wario's Gold Mine Waluigi
4-6 Volcano Racers Collect 5 coins on Grumble Volcano Yoshi
4-7 Bob-omb Chase Finish before Bob-omb Car on Moonview Highway Baby Peach
4-8 Maple Tree Finish before Koopa Troopa on Maple Treeway Bowser
4-Boss Boss Blooper Defeat Blooper on N64 Banshee Boardwalk King Boo

No. Name Description Character
5-1 Cosmic Volcano Race Race against 3 Cosmic Bradly's on Grumble Volcano Bradly
5-2 Bowser Perpetraitor's Using Green Shells, hit each Cosmic Bowers 3 times on SNES Mario Circuit 1 Bowser
5-3 The Smashing Sky Smash 25 Item Boxes on GBA Sky Garden Koopa Troopa
5-4 Star Battle Collect 60 Coins on Rainbow Road Bowser
5-5 Sky Gate Gets 7 Gates on GBA Sky Garden Baby Peach
5-6 Cosmic Summit Race Race against 3 Comsic Donkey Kong's on DK Summit Donkey Kong
5-7 King Boo Volcano Finish before King Boo on Grumble Volcano Bowser
5-8 Toad Gorge Smash 27 Item Boxes on Mushroom Gorge Toad
5-Boss Glamdozer Shroom Beat Glamdozer in DS Shroom Ridge additions Waluigi

No. Name Description Character
6-1 Pushing out the Petals Beat Shawna on a 5-lap race on Coconut Mall Baby Peach
6-2 Old Shrooms Collect 60 Coins on GCN Mushroom Bridge in 1 minute Toad
6-3 Winged Cosmicans Knock off all 3 Cosmic Koopa Troopa's before time runs out on Maple Treeway Koopa Troopa
6-4 Winter Wing Smash 27 item boxes on DS DK Pass Kayden
6-5 Mushroom Bounce Complete 10 Tricks on Mushroom Gorge Toad
6-6 Old Factory Collect 20 Coins on Toad's Factory Koopa Troopa
6-7 Moo Moo Wing Knock off all 3 Cosmic Baby Peach's before time runs out on Moo Moo Meadows Baby Peach
6-8 Chain Chomp Cape Beat Chain Chomp on a 7-Laps race on Koopa Cape Koopa Troopa
6-Boss Magma King Bob-omb Defeat King Bob-omb on N64 Big Donut Donkey Kong

No. Name Description Character
7-1 Banshee Hall Hit all drivers on N64 Banshee Boardwalk Koopa Troopa
7-2 Dream Away Whilst 30 Coins on Moonview Highway, find the dream Baby Peach
7-3 Stone-Cold Race Beat Bowser on 3-laps of Bowser's Castle King Boo
7-4 The Long Rainbow Get to the end of Rainbow Road, dodging all the obstacles Koopa Troopa
7-5 Cosmic Boardwalk Race Race against a Cosmic King Boo's on N64 Banshee Boardwalk King Boo
7-6 Leaves Treeway Getting 7 Leaves on Maple Treeway Koopa Troopa
7-7 Cosmic Castle Race Race against a Cosmic Bowser's on Bowser Castle Bowser
7-8 Pinball Race Beat Pinball on a 3-Laps on DS Waluigi Pinball Waluigi
7-Boss Petey Plaza Defeat Petey Piranha on Block Plaza King Boo

No. Name Description Character
8-1 Here-we-go Race around Wario's Gold Mine without hitting any Minecart Bradly
8-2 Boardwalk Dasher Complete 1-lap of N64 Banshee Boardwalk in 45 seconds. Yoshi
8-3 Sea Smash Smash all 100 Item Boxes within 1m 30s on DS Cheep Cheep Beach Baby Peach
8-4 Snow Storm Complete 1-lap of DK's Snowboard Cross in a blizzard Donkey Kong
8-5 Cosmic Desert Race Race against 3 Cosmic Koopa Troopa's on Dry Dry Ruins Koopa Troopa
8-6 Shroom Car Beat Red Car on a 1-lap on DS Shroom Ridge Baby Mario
8-7 Coins Toad Collect 30 Coins on Mario Circuit Toad
8-8 Cosmic Moonview Race Race against 7 Cosmic Kayden's on a 10-Laps on Moonview Highway Kayden
8-Boss The Final Stand Beat Dry Bowser on Coin Runners on Thwomp Desert Bowser

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