Bradly Kart Stop Motion 4
Box Cover Artwork 2
Developer(s) Moonlight Studio
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) ???
Release date November 19 2012

December 19 2012

October 19 2012

September 19 2012

Genre Racing
Rating(s) 3Ratings
Mode(s) Single Player

2-4 Player

16 Player (Online Only)

Media PlayStation Portable

Bradly Kart Stop Motion 4 is a new game for the PlayStation Portable. It will feature new elements such as customizing bikes and designing your own tracks. It is the sequel to the game Bradly Kart Stop Motion 3. The game is set to be released between the times of Winter 2012 and Spring 2013. The new characters from Paragoomba, Goomba, Coach. Bradly1203 (Talk)


Retro FeaturesEdit

The coin collecting from Mario Kart 7 returns. You are able to collect as many coins as you can but only the first 10 give extra speed. Tricks from Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7 return. Gliders, Driving Underwater, and Kart customization returns from Mario Kart 7. Bikes return from Mario Kart Wii. Two drivers on one kart return from Mario Kart Double Dash.

New FeaturesEdit

New features include customising your bikes, Designing your own custom tracks and a Story Mode.


BKSM4 Controls


Grand Prix

Time Trials


Balloon Battle

Coin Runners(unlockable)

Story Mode(unlockable)

Boss Battle

Drivers Edit

Screen Selection

The characters complete (excluding Mii)

Bradly Kart Stop Motion 4 includes 43 total drivers (19 standard drivers, 24 unlockable drivers and 30 bosses) They are smallest and largest list from the order of weight classes: Small, Medium, Large. There are 15 Mini Boss and 15 Boss.

Standard Drivers Edit

Unlockable DriversEdit

Unlocking CriteriaEdit

Unlocking Criteria
Baby Luigi Complete World 1 and 2 on Story Mode
Toadette Complete World 3, 4, and 5 on Story Mode
Dry Bones Complete World 6 on Story Mode
Blooper Complete World 7 on Story Mode
Lakitu Complete World 8, and 9 on Story Mode
Paragoomba Complete World 10, and 11 on Story Mode
Goomba Get a 1-Star Rank on all 50cc Nitro & Retro Grand Prix Cups
Boo Complete World 12 on Story Mode
Daisy Get a 1-Star Rank on all 150cc Nitro & Retro Grand Prix Cups
Bowser Jr. Get a 1-Star Rank on all 100cc Nitro & Retro Grand Prix Cups
Hammer Bro Play Time Trials on all Nitro Grand Prix
Kamek Get a 1-Star Rank on all 150cc Special Grand Prix Cups
Dixie Kong Play Time Trials on all Retro Grand Prix
Metal Mario Unlock 16 Expert Staff Ghosts Data on Time Trials
Kritter Get a 1-Star Rank on all 100cc Special Grand Prix Cups
Tiki Goon Unlock 32 Expert Staff Ghosts Data on Time Trials
Dry Bowser Get a 1-Star Rank on all 150cc Mirror Mode Nitro & Retro Grand Prix Cups
Rosalina Get a 1-Star Rank on all 50cc Special Grand Prix Cups
Funky Kong Complete World 13, 14 and 15 on Story Mode
Queen Bee Win Balloon Battle
Wiggler Get a 1-Star Rank on all 150cc Mirror Mode Special Grand Prix Cups
Coach Win Coin Runners
King K.Rool Unlock 60 Expert Staff Ghosts Data on Time Trials
.R.O.B. Win all Grand Prix Cups


Image Name World Name Boss Name
185px-Lakithunder NSMBDIY Lakithunder Mushroom Village Mini Boss
PMkingGoomba Goomboss Mushroom Village Boss
200px-DinoPiranha Dino Piranha Airship Fortress Mini Boss
200px-Kamella SMG Kamella Airship Fortress Boss
Peewee Piranha Peewee Piranha Flora Garden Mini Boss
MajorBurrows Major Burrows Flora Garden Boss
200px-Cheep Cheep Cheep Cheep Gooper Blooper Beach Mini Boss
300px-Gooperblooper01 Gooper Blooper Gooper Blooper Beach Boss
Pyro Guy YBA Giant Pyro Guy Shy Guy Tox Box Mini Boss
General Guy General Guy Shy Guy Tox Box Boss
Spike Spike Lava Spire Mini Boss
240px-KingKalienteProfile King Kaliente Lava Spire Boss
200px-CrowberOmega Crowber Ghost Castle Mini Boss
Bouldergeist SMG Bouldergeist Ghost Castle Boss
287px-MontyMole Monty Mole Chomp Valley Mini Boss
Chainchomp Chain Chomp Chomp Valley Boss
Whomp 2 Whomp Bob-omb Station Mini Boss
250px-MP9 Big Bob-Omb King Bob-omb Bob-omb Station Boss
Fwoosh Fwoosh Cloudy Park Mini Boss
200px-GigaLakitu Giga Lakitu Cloudy Park Boss
Tarantox Tarantox Battlerock Junk Mini Boss
Topmaniac Topmaniac Battlerock Junk Boss
Angry Wiggler Angry Wiggler Bugaboom Path Mini Boss
Bugaboom Bugaboom Bugaboom Path Boss
Prince Pikante Prince Pikante Snow Way Land Mini Boss
200px-Baron Brrr Baron Brrr Snow Way Land Boss
Squizzard Squizzard Slipsand Path Mini Boss
Thwomp Thwomp Slipsand Path Boss
200px-Pom pom Pom Pom Boom Boom Station Mini Boss
250px-BoomBoomSM3DL Boom Boom Boom Boom Station Boss


Character Standard Karts Default Karts Unlockable Karts
Baby Mario Standard BM B Dasher Shooting Star
Baby Luigi Standard BL Poultergust 4000 Streamliner
Baby Peach Standard BP Royale Light Tripper
Baby Daisy Standard BD Power Flower Light Dancer
Toad Standard TD Mushmellow 4-Wheel Cradle
Toadette Standard TT Pink Mushmellow 4-Wheel Toadette
Lakitu (Red Shell) Standard LK Cloud 9 Thundercloud 9
Shy Guy Standard SG Growlster Jettsetter
Boo Standard BO Boo Blanket Float Mattress
Koopa Troopa (Green Shell) Standard KT Koopa Boat Koopa Bomber
Dry Bones Standard DB Banisher Dry Bomber
Blooper Standard BP Blooper Boat Coral Explorer
Goomba Standard GM Goomba Dasher Turbo Goomba
Paragoomba Standard PG Paragoomba Racer Wild Wings
Bradly Standard BR Sprinter Ribbon Car
Shawna Standard SW Tiny Tug Chain Chomp Coupe
Kayden Standard KD Booster Seat Rattle Buggy
Daisy Standard DS Daytripper Bloom Coach
Diddy Kong Standard DD Barrel Train Mine Cart
Dixie Kong Standard DX Toboggan Hover Craft
Bowser Jr. Standard BJ Koopa Clown Starship Bowser
Metal Mario Standard MM Metal Pipes Offroader
Yoshi Standard YS Egg 1 Cucumber
Birdo Standard BD Birdo Egg 1 Birdo Cucumber
Kritter Standard KR Crocodile Movel Winky Movel
Kamek Standard KM Blue Magic Wand Book Rider
Hammer Bro. Standard HB Hammer Movel Shell Dasher
Tiki Goon Standard TG Tiki Tripper Tiki Tong Head
Wario Standard WR Brute Dragonfly
Waluigi Standard WL Gold Mantis Zipper
Donkey Kong Standard DK Rambi Rider Wildlife
Bowser Standard BW Tyrant Hurricane
Wiggler Standard WG Wiggler Wagon Rickety Ride
King Boo Standard KB Crown Car Boo Pipes
Petery Piranha Standard PP Petery Pipes Bucket Plant
Dry Bowser Standard DB Dry Tyrant Bone Barrow
Rosalina Standard RS Rosalina Coach Turbo Luma
Funky Kong Standard FK Funky Movel Rocket Barrel
Queen Bee Standard QB Bumble V Bubble Z
King K.Rool Standard KK Crocodile Crown Galleon Movel
Coach Standard CH Penguin Sled Soda Jet
Mii Standard MI Blue Falcon Bullet Rider

Unlocking CriterionEdit

Unlocking Criteria
Three Karts 3rd is Better on all 50cc Cups
Seven Karts 3rd is Better on all 100cc Cups
All Karts 3rd is Better on all 150cc Cups


On Item TracksEdit

Retro ItemsEdit

Special ItemsEdit

Special Items
Triple Electricitiballs Baby Mario fires three electricitiballs which spin the driver when hit.
Boo Balls Baby Luigi rolls the ball and whoever it hits gets attacked by Boo's.
Triple Bullet Bill Baby Peach fires three Bullet Bills which target players in front or behind.
Blossom Block Baby Daisy throws some seeds into the sky these then grow into giant flowers on the track acting as hazards.
Golden Mushroom Toad gets 15 speed boosts which he can use to get further ahead or perform shortcuts.
Toad Brigade Cannon Toadette summons the Toad Brigade who pull her into their cannon and blast her up the track.
Dark Cloud Lakitu surronds all the other drivers with Dark Cloud's which trap the for 10 seconds.
Shy Charge Shy Guy summons an army of different coloured Shy Guy's who charge around the track spinning the players and throwing them back down the track.
Ghost Hunt Boo turns him and his kart invisible and is able to immoblize karts by driving through them. It lasts until someone hits him on the back side of the vehicle.
Seven Green Shells Koopa Troopa has seven Green Shells which surround his vehicle which he can either fire or protect him.
Triple Dry Shell Dry Bones kart is surrounded by Three Dry Shells which explode on impact with any driver.
Bloop Bomb Blooper throws a gloop bomb into the air which explodes and entirely covers all the other driver's screens.

Triple Mega Mushrooms

Goomba use Mega Mushroom is a Boss the Giant Goomba in the kart with 25 seconds all the other drivers.
Mirco Goomba Paragoomba puts down the Micro Goomba item any players and spinning and hit the Micro Goomba and returns to spin other drivers, but not Paragoomba.
Fire Flower Bradly can fire 10 fireballs from his kart which spin the driver when hit.
Poultergeist Shawna equips his vehicle with a Pouldergeist which sucks up vehicles in front and sends them behind him.
Shooting Stars Kayden has three shooting stars which surround her vehicle and every time she gets hit by an item one of the hearts absorbs it.
Blossom Bomb Daisy throws a bomb into the air which explodes flowers all over the other drivers screens.
Peanut Popgun Diddy Kong equips his peanut popgun to the front of his car and fires 10 peanuts which race around the track running into the other drivers.
Fake Coins Dixie Kong drops fake coins on the track which spin all the drivers other than her.
Magic Paintbrush Bowser Jr picks up his magic paintbrush and turns the other drivers screens crazy, making it impossible to see clearly.
Triple Metal Shells Metal Mario fires three metal shells which encase the driver hit in metal for 7 seconds.
Triple Yoshi Egg Yoshi fires three Yoshi Egg's which roll around the course until it hits a driver and makes them spin.
Triple Birdo Egg Birdo's vehicle is surronded by Three Birdo Eggs which she can roll into other drivers to encase them in an egg and drive out of control.
The Chomper Kritter's vehicle is equipped with a crocodile head which spins anyone who hits it and steals their items.
Magic Spell Kamek shoots the Magic Spells 10 seconds which spins all the other drivers who hits and the Spells of Magic.
Sledge Hammer Bro Puts the Sledge in the track and hit other drivers to unchase the Hammer the anyone return to the spin.
Bongo Beats Tiki Goon summons the Panpipe Tiki to play the his head, which emits high power notes, which spins the player when hit, it produces 15 notes.
Garlic Bulb Wario's vehicle is equipped with a garlic bulb, which produces a green gas, which prevents other drivers to see where they are going
Triple Spiny Shell Waluigi's vehicle is surrounded by three Spiny Shells which target three different drivers: either forward or behind
Five Bananas Donkey Kong gets five banana's behind his vehicle which he can use to protect himself or throw to spin another driver.
Triple Bob-omb Bowser's vehicle gets equipped with Three Bob-omb's which he can use to protect himself or throw at other drivers to
Flutter Jump Wiggler summons a Flutter, who picks him up and throws far ahead of the position he was in.
Boo Bombs King Boo materialises a Bomb Boo from his vehicle which he spins around until it has made five drivers spin
Piranha Chomp Petery Piranha's vehicle is equipped with a Chain Chomp with petals like Petery. The Piranha Chomp pulls him along, whilst knocking other drivers out the way.
Throwing Bones Dry Bowser throws twelve bones which spin anyone on impact.
Luma Swarm Rosalina summons a swarm of Luma's to annoy all of the other drivers.
Barrel Rocket Funky Kong's vehicle turns into the barrel rocket (from Donkey Kong Country Returns) which emits a high power blast to speed him up and spin other drivers.
Honey Drop Queen Bee shoots a blast of honey in front of her, which acts as a slowing down hazard that effects all the other drivers, but not Queen Bee.
Astroid Shooter .R.O.B. shoots the astroid all the other drivers (from "Super Mario Galaxy")which astroid is a astronaut in the space galaxy spin other drivers.
K.Rool Missiles King K. Rool fires twelve missiles which spin the driver on impact.
Triple Gold Shells Coach is surround by Three Gold Shells in the swimming school and bring back to you with gold shell and you spin other drivers.

Random Special Items Only the Mii.

New ItemsEdit

New Item DescriptionEdit

New Items Description
Spike Three Spikes to hit all the other drivers used to protect you.
Buzzy Beetle Throws the Buzzy Beetle Shell on the other drivers when hit surround the drivers you proctect me.
Boo Mushroom Boo Mushroom in the other drivers with 27 seconds. It over return to drivers.
Poision Mushroom Driver throws the Poision Mushroom all the other drivers when hit any return.

Courses Edit

Nitro Grand PrixEdit

Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Special Cup
Coach Circuit Desert Dunes Birdo Pass Waluigi Stadium
Moo Moo Barnyard Sea Lagoon Palm Shore Daisy Gardens
Wario Factory Waluigi Park Birdo Circuit Bowser Castle
Kamek Ship Hold Shroom Bridge Airship Cruiser Rainbow Road

Retro Grand PrixEdit

Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup Lightning Cup
DS Desert Hills DS Wario Stadium DS Mario Circuit DS Figure 8 Circuit
Wii Daisy Circuit Wii Luigi Circuit Wii Bowser Castle Wii Moonview Highway
3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon 3DS Music Park 3DS DK Jungle 3DS Maka Wuhu
SNES Vanilla Lake 2 SNES Choco Island 1 SNES Donut Plains 3 SNES Bowser Castle 2

Special Grand PrixEdit

Bob-omb Cup Cloud Cup Coin Cup Star Bit Cup Spiny Cup Bullet Bill Cup Mega 'Shroom Cup
SNES Koopa Beach 2 Kritter Valley Parkdale School Sprint SNES Mario Circuit 3 Bob-omb Factory Fluzzard Dive Cheep Cheep River
N64 Royal Raceway Chompworks Sea Wuhu Sand GCN Bowser's Castle Diddy Park Clockwork Court Sledge Bro Pier
GBA Sunset Wilds Wiggler Grove Supermassive Sprint Wii Dry Dry Ruins Lakitu Stadium Flip-Swap Path Rocket Reef
GCN Waluigi Stadium Cookie Courtyard Beach Bowl Boulevard GBA Cheep Cheep Island Thwomp Savannah Bowser Station Good Egg Grange

Battle CoursesEdit

Battle Courses
Daisy Cruiser
Star Station
GetaLoadofMilk Room
Toy Factory
Wii Funky Stadium
3DS Honeybee Hive

Unlocking CriteriaEdit

Unlocking Criteria
Star Cup Win the Mushroom and Flower Cup
Special Cup Win the Star Cup
Leaf Cup Win the Shell and Banana Cup
Lightning Cup Win the Leaf Cup
Coin Runners Complete all Time Trials
Mirror Mode Win 50cc,100cc,150cc Cups

Gallery Edit

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