Bradly Kart Stop Motion 6

On Item TrackEdit


Coins, Lucky 7, Star, Blooper, Banana, Banana Bunch, Bob-Omb, Boo, Bowser Shell, Bullet Bill, Chain Chomp, (Yoshi/Birdo) Egg, Fake Item Box, Feather, Fire Fower, Giant Banana, Golden Mushroom, Green Shell, Heart, Mega Mushroom, Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, POW Block, Red Shell, Spiny Shell, Super Leaf, Tunderbolt, Tunder Cloud, Triple Green Shells, Triple Mushrooms, Triple Red Shells.

New ItemsEdit

  • Black Shell: When the player is catch, explodes him. It's a mixture of Bomb and Red Shell
  • Boomerang Flower: You trow Boomerangs. When thrown, will home into a person two-places ahead of the user and hit them and will come back to the user, hitting anyone in the way.
  • Build Wrench: Your kart is "fixed", with more speed machines, for a few seconds. Then, the machines fall in the way.
  • Cloud Flower: You walk on a road cloud, away from hazards (for a few seconds).
  • Dash Pepper: When used, the user will burst forward in a burst of speed, faster then a mushroom, and will bring the user to fifth place.
  • Hammer Flower: Launch hammers without stopping opponents. It's similat to Fire Flower.Ice Flower: Works like the Fire Flower, but shoot iceballs, oponentres it freezes for a few seconds.
  • Oil Barrels: Throw an oil puddle on the floor and people who go across the pool will slip.
  • Rock Mushroom: You transform into a giant rock ball for a few seconds. The giant rock run more fast, defens you from hazards and can smash players.
  • Spring Mushroom: You get to jump away for a few seconds, surpassing other players.
  • Thwomp: The Twomp is sleeping, an you can pass him to another players. But if the player gets under the Twomp agreeded, the Twomp smashes that player. It's similar to Tunder Cloud.
  • Triple Bob-Omb: The player get 3 Bob-Ombs.
  • Triple Black Shell: Te player gets 3 Black Shells.
  • Tweester: Rockets down the track, blowing foes upward and their items fly away.
  • ? Pipe: Warp you to any Place, in 1st to 12th.