Bradly Kart Stop Motion 6

Karts Edit

All karts as of one player, similar to Bradly Kart: Double Dash

Standard KartsEdit

Standard 3DS, Standard Wii, Standard DS, Standard GCN, Standard GBA, Standard N64, Standard SNES, Standart WiiU: All of Mii.

Unlockable KartsEdit

Turbo Luma: Luma: 50 Coins

Bradly's Bed: Bradly: 100 coins

Shawna's Bed: Shawna: 200 coins

Shoe Couch: Kayden: 300 coins

Flower Couch: Daisy: 400 coins

Turbo Yoshi: Yoshi: 500 coins

Turbo Birdo: Birdo: 600 coins

Goo Goo Buggy: Baby Mario: 700 Coins

Rattle Buggy: Baby Luigi: 800 Coins

Heart Buggy: Baby Peach: 900 Coins

Flower Buggy: Baby Daisy: 1000 Coins

Koopa Dasher: Koopa Troopa: 1500 Coins

Parawings: Paratroopa: 2000 Coins

Brute: Wario: 2500 Coins

Waluigi Racer: Waluigi: 3000 Coins

Cosmic Kart: Comic Clone: 4000 coins

Spirit Kart: Cosmic Spirit: 4500 Coins

Turbo Blooper: Blooper: 5000 Coins

Cheep Charger: Cheep Cheep: 5500 Coins

DK Jumbo: DK: 6000 coins

Barrel Train: Diddy Kong: 6500 Coins

Rosalina Couch: Rosalina: 7000 Coins,

Turbo Lubba: Lubba: 7500 Coins

Captain Toad Kart: Captain Toad: 8000 Coins

Toadsworth Kart: Toadsworth: 8500 Coins

Crocodile Movel: Kritter: 9000 Coins

Crocodile Crown: King K. Rool: 9500 Coins

Turbo Geno: Geno: 10.000 Coins

Turbo Mallow: Mallow: 15.000 Coins

Koopa King: Bowser: 20.000 Coins

Bullet Blaster: Bowser Jr: 25.000 Coins

Piranha Pipes: Piranha Plant 30.000 Coins

Piranha Prowler: Petery Piranha: 35.000 Coins

Kreepy Pipes: Boo: 40.000 Coins

Boo Pipes: King Boo: 45.000 Coins

Toad Kart: Toad: Win 200cc Mushroom Cup

Toadette Kart: Toadette: Win 200cc Flower Cup

Cloud 9: Lakitu: Win 200cc Star Cup

Thundercloud 9: Lakitunder: Win 200cc Spiny Cup

Tumble Head: Tumble: Win 200cc Special Cup

Wood Kart: Whittle: Win Backward Mushroom Cup

Yellow Buggy: Baby Wario: Win Backward Flower Cup

Purple Buggy: Baby Waluigi: Win Backward Star Cup

Shy Kart: Shy Guy: Win Backward Spiny Cup

Fly Kart: Fly Guy: Win Backward Special Cup

Ellie Rider: Dixie Kong: Win Backward Shine Cup

Squitter Rider: Kiddy Kong: Win Backward Ice Flower Cup

Metal Red Fire: Metal Mario: Win Backward Cloud Cup

Metal Green Fire: Metal Luigi: Win 50cc Shine Cup

Noki Shell: Noki: Win 50cc Ice Flower Cup

Watermelon: Pianta: Win 50cc Cloud Cup

Star Buggy: Baby Rosalina: Win 100cc Shine Cup

Turbo Palori: Palori: Win 100cc Ice Flower Cup

Dull Driver: Dry Bones: Win 100cc Cloud Cup

Dry Kart: Dry Bowser: Win 150cc Shine Cup

Poltergust 5000: Professer E.Gadd: Win 150cc Ice Flower Cup

ROB-STD: R.O.B.: Win 150cc Cloud Cup

Funky Movel: Funky Kong: Win 200cc Shine Cup

Tiny Movel: Tiny Kong: Win 200cc Ice Flower Cup

Penguin 1: Penguin: Win 200cc Cloud Cup

Snow Ball: Mr. Blizzard: Win Mirror Shine Cup

King Bob-Omb Head: King Bob-Omb: Win Mirror Ice Flower Cup

Turbo Gopper: Gooper Blooper: Win Mirror Cloud Cup

Robot Kart: Gearmo: Play 16 Time Trials

McBally Kart: McBallyhoo: Play 20 Time Trials

Pokey Body: Pokey: Play 24 Time Trials

Eyerok Eye: Eyerok: Play 28 Time Trials

B Airship: Boom Boom: Play 32 Time Trials

P Airship: Pom Pom: Play 1 Time Trial

Blue Magic Wand: Kamek: Play 5 Time Trials

Pink Magic Wand: Kamella: Play 10 Time Trials

Big Whimp: Whomp: Play 15 Time Trials

Big Flower: Wiggler: Play 20 Time Trials

Bucket of Honey: Bee: Play 25 Time Trials

Bubble Z: Queen Bee: Play 30 Time Trials

Hammer Movel: Hammer Bro: Play 2 Time Trials

Sledge Hammer Movel: Sledge Bro: Play 3 Time Trials

Tiki Tripper: Tiki Goon: Play 6 Time Trials

Tiki Tong Head: Tiki Tong: Play 7 Time Trials

Barrel Chomp: Chain Chomp: Play 9 Time Trials

Mandibug: Bugaboom: Play 11 Time Trials

Goomba Kart: Goomba: Play 13 Time Trials

Paragoomba Wings: Paragoomba: Play 14 Time Trials

Mole Tank: Monty Mole: Play 17 Time Trials

Major Burrows Shell: Major Burrows: Play 18 Time Trials

Bullet Kart: Bullet Bill: Play 19 Time Trials

Banzai Kart: Banzai Bill: Play 21 Time Trials

NES Red Pipe: Retro Mario: Complete Balloon Battle

NES Green Pipe: Paper Luigi: Complete Shine Runners

Gold Kart: All: Win All-Cups Tour in 200cc.


Standard GlidersEdit

Super Glider, Paraglider.

Unlockable GlidersEdit

Bee Wings: Complete Bob-omb Battle and Coin Runners,

Swooper: Play 31 Time Trials,

Para-Cact: Play 29 Time Trials,

Gastly Glider: Play 27 Time Trials,

Peach/Daisy Parasol: Play 26 Time Trials,

Tryclyde Scales: Play 23 Time Trials,

Flower Glider: Play 22 Time Trials.

Gold Glider: Win All-Cups Tour on Backward.