Bradly Kart Stop Motion 7
Developer(s) Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance, Virtual Console (Nintendo 3DS)
Release date Game Boy Advance

Virtual Console (Nintendo 3DS)

Genre Racing
Rating(s) Template:Ratings
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Media 32-megabit cartridge
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This game has five cups, and each has four new race courses. These cups are the Mushroom Cup, the Flower Cup, the all new Lightning Cup, the Star Cup, and the Special Cup. If players collects 100 coins in a certain cup, they unlock the Extra Cup version. These cups contain all of the courses from Bradly Kart Stop Motion 9 making this game have more courses than any other Bradly Kart game in the series. If the player manages to collect a gold trophy on all of the Super Circuit cups, the background for the title screen changes to a sunset. If the player manages to obtain a triple star ranking for all cups, the title screen's background changes to a night time setting. In addition to the aesthetic changes, the intro's theme will also change.The objective in this game is to place first in the races, as with most racing games. Each race has eight contestants, all trying to win. The player can pick up Item Boxes which contain items. Using these items are very helpful, but computer-controlled characters can also use items. On the course, coinsare collected to increase a player's top speed. If the player has zero coins, they spin out if they come in contact with another racer. Fifty-five coins are found on each course.


Menu ControlsEdit

  • Select
    Access options for certain modes

Game ControlsEdit

  • Steer left or right
    Accelerate (pressing the button when the light turns green lets the player do a rocket start)
    Hop and Power Slide (when holding for a few seconds, the player gets a mini-turbo)
    Use Items, stop Item Roulette
  • + : Drive backward
  • + : Shoot Item in certain direction
  • , + : Quick sharp turn left or right
    Pause game


  • Grand Prix
  • VS
  • Quick Run
  • Time Trial
  • Battle


All playable characters from Bradly Kart Stop Motion 8 returns. The characters are dive into 3 weight classes: Light, Medium, and Heavy



Item Name Function
BananaPeel Banana A banana can be placed anywhere and are common items of high-ranking drivers. Bananas simply act as road obstacles for unwary drivers. Drivers that drive on it spins and stops for a brief moment. The effect can be nullified if a driver drives straight into the banana and immediately brakes. An indication of this is a Note coming out of the driver and the driver does not slip. Bananas can be destroyed by any shell and star effects.
Green Shell Green Shell Green Shells are common projectiles that a high-ranking driver usually gets. Green shells can be fired forward or backward in a straight line. Green shells bounce off walls multiple times before they break. Any driver who gets hit by a green shell spins out. Bananas, other shells, and star effects can destroy green shells.
RedShell Red Shell Red Shells are fairly uncommon items that appear in any place. When thrown forward, red shells home on the opponent of the higher place. When no opponents are higher place of the driver, the red shell flies straight forward. Unlike green shells, red shells cannot rebound off walls; they break upon impact. Red shells can also be placed backwards, but they behave in a different manner than green shells. Red shells stay on a fixed spot until a nearby driver passes it. It then homes the driver who passed it, regardless of place. Red shells can be destroyed by any shell, a banana, or a star effect.
Mushroom2-1- Mushroom Mushrooms are items that appear in any place for the driver. When used, it grants the driver a great burst of speed. This can be used to take advantage of off-road cuts on the course and can be used to fly further after hit by a ramp. Mushrooms cannot spin another driver out, unless said driver has zero coins, but a driver felt from the effects of a mushroom can push other drivers further.
TripleGreenShells Triple Green Shell Triple Green Shell is an uncommon item that usually appears in the higher ranked drivers. Triple green shells are essentially what the name implies: triple green shells. Unlike single green shells, triple green shells revolve the driver, thus shielding the driver from most attacks. Triple green shells act like normal green shells: they zoom in straight lines and rebound off walls, however, they cannot be thrown backward.
TripleRedShells Triple Red Shell Triple Red Shells are uncommon items that drivers in lower places can get. Triple red shells have the exact function as single red shells: they home on the opponent of higher place. The main difference between these and single red shells is that triple red shells circle the player, which helps the player avoid obstacles such as bananas and shells. Triple red shells cannot be thrown backward, and as a result, cannot be set backward to home on opponents behind the driver.
Triple Mushrooms Triple Mushroom Triple Mushroom is an item exclusive to Time Trial mode. Triple mushrooms serve as the only item drivers can obtain during a Time Trial. Triple mushrooms are essentially three mushrooms, with all effects a mushroom might have, but tripled. Once a mushroom has been used in a Time Trial, it cannot be replenished until the driver restarts the Time Trial.
Boo SMG3 Boo Boo is a fairly uncommon item that drivers in all places can get. Boos steal items from other drivers, if items are available, while the driver turns invisible. While invisible, the driver is immune to all obstacles and items and can pass through drivers without any shoving, however, it does not prevent the player from losing speed off road. It also attacks the driver in first place. who circles the driver and the driver loses coins, also dropping speed.
Star Star Stars are rare items that are only accessed by low-ranking drivers. Stars grant invincibility to drivers and increase their top speed, acceleration, and handling. When a driver gets hit by a driver with a star in effect, the driver who gets hit spins out. Stars also enable drivers to cross off-road without the loss of any speed and they can destroy stage obstacles, such as trees, snowmen, and cacti.
SpinyShell-1- Spiny Shell Spiny Shells are very rare shells that only low-ranking drivers can access. How rare it is usually depends on engine class. Spiny Shells, when tossed, follow the track and home on the first place driver. Any driver caught in the path of a spiny shell spins out, including the first player. Spiny shells cannot get destroyed by shells or bananas; however, they can get destroyed when they collide with a wall, collide into a ramp, fall into a pit, fall into water, or collide with a driver with a star in effect. Spiny shells can get tossed backwards and they stay in a fixed position, just like a red shell. Unlike a red shell, the spiny shell only homes when the driver in first place passes by.
Lightning Bolt (Mario Kart 64) Thunderbolt Thunderbolts are rare items only obtained by lower-ranking drivers. Thunderbolts, when activated, shrink everyone else on track that are not using a star or a Boo. A shrunk driver loses speed and the ability to use mushrooms. When the driver who activated this item crashes into a shrunk driver, the shrunk driver spins out. After a set amount of time, or if the shrunk drivers go into a pit, the shrunk drivers revert to normal size and regain their top speed and weight.


The game features twenty new courses, and brings back the original twenty courses of Bradly Kart Stop Motion 9(but, due to the Grand Prix Format, they are organized in five cups instead of four). However, most courses brought back have the hazards removed found in them such as the Monty Moles in the Donut Plains and oil slicks in the Bradly Circuits. The only hazards that have stayed are the breakable blocks in Ghost Valley and Vanilla Lake.

Super Circuit TracksEdit

There are also new courses introduced in Bradly Kart: Super Circuit. The player races three laps on these tracks in Grand Prix mode.

Mushroom Cup

Flower Cup

Lightning Cup

Star Cup

Special Cup

Extra TracksEdit

These courses were originally featured in Bradly Kart Stop Motion 9, and are reused in Bradly Kart: Super Circuit. The player races five laps on these tracks in Grand Prix mode.

Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Lightning Cup Star Cup Special Cup
Mario Circuit 1 Mario Circuit 2 Bowser Castle 2 Vanilla Lake 1 Koopa Beach 2
Donut Plains 1 Choco Island 1 Mario Circuit 3 Bowser Castle 3 Ghost Valley 3
Ghost Valley 1 Ghost Valley 2 Koopa Beach 1 Mario Circuit 4 Vanilla Lake 2
Bowser Castle 1 Donut Plains 2 Choco Island 2 Donut Plains 3 Rainbow Road

Battle CoursesEdit

In addition with race courses, four new battle courses are added. However, no Bradly Kart Stop Motion 9 battle courses return despite all of that game's race courses returning.

Battle Course 1
Battle Course 2
Battle Course 3
Battle Course 4

Names in Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリオカートアドバンス

Bradly Kāto Adobansu

Bradly Kart Advance