Bradly Party Wii
Release date


Playable CharactersEdit

Image Name Colour How to Unlock
Characters 2 004 Bradly Light Blue Starter
SHAWNA 005 Shawna Fire Brick Starter
Kayden Kayden Dark Blue Starter
20090713235308!Daisy1 Daisy Orange Starter
Yoshi Yoshi Light Green Starter
Birdo Birdo Magneta Starter
20110329063211!DiddyKong Diddy Kong Chocolate Brown Starter
Baby Mario NSMBDIY Baby Mario Light Red Starter
Dixie Kong Dixie Kong Light Pink Starter
Tiny-Kong01 Tiny Kong Ice Blue Starter
Kamek Kamek White Starter
Baby Luigi NSMBDIY Baby Luigi Light Green Starter
Babypeachsimple Baby Peach Pink Starter
MSS Artwork Baby Daisy Baby Daisy Light Orange Starter
BDKSluggers Baby DK Light Brown Starter
Toad3DLand Toad Blue Starter
364938-toadette large Toadette Pink Starter
Toadsworth Toadsworth Brown Starter
200px-KoopaSM3DL Koopa Troopa Yellow Green Starter
Paratroopa Paratroopa Red Starter
Wario-mario party 8 Wario Yellow Starter
1185165-waluigi mario party ds Waluigi Purple Starter
Hammer-Bros-nintendo-villains-9411501-600-600 Hammer Bro Dark Green Starter
250px-Donkey kong Donkey Kong Brown Starter
Images (3) Funky Kong Gold Starter
Dry-bowser-mario Dry Bowser Black Starter
534px-MarioSuperSluggersPianta Pianta Royal Blue Starter
Noki Noki Blue Starter
PeteyPiranhaPlant Petery Piranha Dark Green Starter
250px-BoomBoomSM3DL Boom Boom Dark Orange Starter
200px-Pom pom Pom Pom Potpink Starter
883703-518px shyguy large Shy Guy Royal Blue Starter
Rosalina. Rosalina Light Blue Starter
Kritter Kritter Crocodile Green Starter
300px-KROOLDKJUNLGE King K.Rool Leaf Green Starter
Miimage Mii Cyan Starter
180px-BooMP8Official Boo Light Black Starter
Tail Boo Artwork - Super Mario 3D Land Tail Boo Light White Starter
BowserJr. Bowser Jr. Dark Orange Unlock in Story Mode
Dry Bones Dry Bones Gray Unlock in Story Mode




Info Vehicles
Board Game Island Mini-Boss: Lakitu
Boss: Wiggler
Vehicle - Single: Minecart
Vehicle - Team: Wiggle Bus
Globe Trot Mini-Boss: Whomp King
Boss: King Bob-omb
Vehicle - Single: Globe Car
Vehicle - Team: King Bob-omb Head
Blizzard Path Mini-Boss: Chilly Cheif
Boss: Sorbetti
Vehicle - Single: Penguin Wagon
Vehicle - Team: Bobsled
Boo's Haunted Castle Mini-Boss: Dr. Bowser Jr.
Boss: King Boo
Vehicle - Single: Carpet Car
Vehicle - Team: Boo Blanket
Beach Bowl Pass Mini-Boss: Cheep Cheep
Boss: Blooper
Vehicle - Single: Dolphin Dash
Vehicle - Team: Blooper Bus
Flip-Swap Path Mini-Boss: Gobbleguts
Boss: Glamdozer
Vehicle - Single: Banisher
Vehicle - Team: Glamdozer Rider
Spike Factory Mini-Boss: Chain Chomp
Boss: Spike
Vehicle - Single: Bone Basher
Vehicle - Team: Spike Dasher


Name Info Vehicles How to Unlock
Christmas Paradise Mini-Boss: Baron Brrr
Boss: Prince Pikante
Vehicle - Single: Gift Car
Vehicle - Team: Crown Car
Buy for 1500 Tickets in the Museum
Puzzle Plank Mini-Boss: Mandibug Stack
Boss: Bugaboom
Vehicle - Single: Leaf Rider
Vehicle - Team: Mandibug Car
Buy for 1500 Tickets in the Museum
Supermassive Sprint Mini-Boss: Grand Goomba
Boss: Mega Wiggler
Vehicle - Single: Block Rider
Vehicle - Team: Pipes Car
Buy for 1500 Tickets in the Museum
Soldier Beach Mini-Boss: Kingfin
Boss: Soldier Blooper
Vehicle - Single: Shell Shocker
Vehicle - Team: Soldier Tank
Buy for 1500 Tickets in the Museum
Bowser's Fearsome Fleet Mini-Boss: Megahammer
Boss: Bowser
Vehicle - Single: Hammer Movel
Vehicle - Team: Bowser King
Unlock in Story Mode



  • Derby Dash
  • Shifty Gifts
  • Chop Chops
  • Jumbo Jump
  • Popgun Posse
  • Puzzle Pick Up
  • Moon Landing
  • Flap Hurdles
  • Zombie Tag
  • Smile Snap
  • Flag Fracas
  • Dicey Discent
  • Ram Jam
  • Feathered Frenzy
  • Goal Getter
  • Saucer Snap
  • Maze Daze
  • Chopper Hopper
  • Follow your Face
  • Quicker Chipper
  • Space Brawl
  • Stop Watchers
  • Friendly Face-Off
  • Barrel Daredevil
  • Crash Balls
  • Tropical Punch
  • Strange Steps
  • Peach Plunder
  • Hammer Heads
  • Rope Sling
  • Cosmic Capers
  • Face Flip
  • Spotlight Fight
  • Shutterpup
  • Cry Babies
  • Lucky Launch
  • Back Attack
  • Chin-Up Champ
  • Walk-Off
  • Balloon Buggie
  • Risky Railroad


  • Ninja Pies
  • Splash Bash
  • Lumber Whacks
  • Pull-A-Rope
  • Flying Fruits
  • Crane Game
  • Arch-ivan
  • Poserobics
  • Piranha Chase
  • Lights Out
  • Hide & Peek
  • Squirt Fighter
  • Rainbow Rider


  • Commuter Count
  • Delivery Duel
  • Spring Time
  • Roll to the Goal
  • Timber Topple
  • Jangler Wrangler
  • Channel Changers
  • Flag Footrace
  • Poppin Pilots
  • Pop-Up Bandits


  • Bumper Crops
  • Robot Factory
  • Puddle Pals
  • Flashlight Fright
  • Basket Bonanza
  • Tippy Traverse
  • Meet & Greet
  • Fishin Buddies
  • Pop Coaster
  • Flycycle Team
  • Sheep Crossing
  • Pump Cart Panic
  • Blastronauts
  • Rodent Rundown
  • Can Poppers
  • Spring Ringers
  • Bobsled Highway
  • Jump Rope Jam
  • Teamwork Temple
  • Color Cordian
  • Clover Hunt
  • Banana Blockdale

Boss BattleEdit

Mid BossesEdit
  • Lakitu Control
  • Whomp King Stomp
  • Chilly Cheif Abyss
  • Deck Dry Bowser Jr.
  • Cheep Cheep Sea
  • Gobbleguts Panic
  • Chain Chomp Well
  • Baron Brrr Bath
  • Mandibug Plank
  • Grand Goomba Block
  • Kingfin Shot
  • Megahammer Breakdown
  • Wiggler Bounce
  • King Bob-omb Crashdown
  • Sorbetti Panic
  • King Boo's Puzzle Attack
  • Blooper Barrage
  • Glamdozer Romp
  • Spike Bombard
  • Prince Pikante Mall
  • Bugaboom Woods
  • Mega Wiggler Huge Trouble
  • Soldier Blooper Path
  • Bowser Block Battle

Challenge MinigamesEdit

1 onlyEdit

  • Marching Orders
  • Garden Gridlock(30 Stages)
  • Clover Hunt(30 Stages)(unlockable)
  • Shifty Gifts(unlockable)

2 onlyEdit

  • Tippy Traverse(10 Stages)(unlockable)
  • Banana Blockdale(30 Stages)(unlockable)

1 to 4 onlyEdit

  • About Face(1.VS.1)
  • About Face(4-Players)
  • About Face(Solo)