Bradly Party Wii 2
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Bradly Party Wii 2 is the twelfth game in the including. It was announced in the Nintendo E3 Conference 2011. It is the second and most recent Bradly Party game for the Wii.


On a night outside of no. Bradly and his friends came to watch the Mini Stars in the sky. As Bradly peers though the telescope, he notices that the stars suddenly begin to get sucked through a vortex. It is then revealed to be Bowser and Bowser Jr. on a spacecraft, who are using a vacuum-like machine to suck the stars in the sky. Upon witnessing this, Bradly and the gang set out to defeat them and save the Mini Stars. After they start their journey, Tiki Goon and Luma are seen coming out of the woods and start following them, as part of Bowser's plan.


A new form of gameplay was introduced in this game, retiring the old format seen in the prior eight titles: players move all at once through the board in a vehicle (a car in Toad Road, a magic carpet in Boo's Horror Castle and a legged machine in Bob-omb Factory, for example). Instead of trying to collect coins to buy stars, players receive Mini Stars if they pass by them. New minigame types are introduced in the Mario Party series, one example being 2 vs. 1 minigames against Bowser Jr. Players must try to avoid Mini Ztars, which deduct their current amount of Mini Stars. In this game, the minigames don't appear after every four turns, but only when a player ends up on any of the spaces that triggers a minigame. Also, when receiving dice blocks, a minigame might pop up after as well. Unlike previous Bradly Party games, where often only the winner mattered, all minigames are ranked from first to last place and generally all players receive Mini Stars, although the winning player earns the most.


Bradly Party Wii has 5 modes in all. They are:

  • Party Mode
  • Solo Mode
  • Minigame Mode
  • Extras Mode
  • Museum

Minigame ModeEdit

Blue Toad is the host of Minigame Mode.

  • Free Play: In the Free Play mode, the players can play unlocked minigames freely.
  • Step It Up: In this mode, players must win minigames to climb stairs. The player who reaches on the top first wins.
  • Garden Battle: The players must get puzzle pieces to fill their gardens winning minigames. The player who completes it first wins.
  • Choice Challenge: All the players choose three minigames from a group of five that they would like to play. These minigames are played and the player who get more points wins.
  • High Rollers: In this mode, the players must win minigames to roll a Dice Block to pass through a panel floor. The player who gets 500 points first wins.
  • Time Attack: The player must try to win 10 minigames as fast as he or she can.
  • Boss Rush: The players must defeat a series of bosses to win, similar to Boss Rush in Bradly Party Wii.

Party ModeEdit

Once again returning from previous Mario Party games, Party Mode involves the players going around the board like with the previous games, but changed due to the new gameplay mechanics of Bradly Party Wii 2.

Solo ModeEdit

The game's story mode, Solo Mode involves the players traveling across all six boards to defeat Bowser and save the Mini Stars.

Extras ModeEdit

In Extras Mode, the player can play through various extra minigames such as Goomba Bowling, Castle Clearout, or Shell Soccer. There is also a mode called Perspective Mode, in which the player plays through various minigames with a changed camera angle.


The Museum is where the player can spend Party Points on various things such as constellations, game sounds, vehicles, extra game modes, or watch the credits. Once they return a constellation into the sky, the player can go back and see it in the sky.



BPWii2 Selection Screen

The complete roster (excluding Mii)

Image Name Colour How to Unlock
Characters 2 004 Bradly Light Blue Starter
SHAWNA 005 Shawna Red Starter
Kayden Kayden Royal Blue Starter
Daisy Daisy Orange Starter
Wario-mario party 8 Wario Yellow Starter
Waluigi SMW Waluigi Purple Starter
1000px-MKPC Yoshi Solo Yoshi Light Green Starter
Birdo. Birdo Magenta Starter
Toad3DLand Toad Blue Starter
KoopaTroopaMP9 Koopa Troopa Deep Yellow Starter
ShyGuy Shy Guy Royal Blue Starter
Kamek YBA Kamek White Starter
Diddy Kong Diddy Kong Chocolate Brown Starter
Dixie Kong Dixie Kong Light Pink Starter
Tinymss Tiny Kong Ice Blue Starter
285px-Funky Kong Brawl Funky Kong Gold Starter
240px-MP7 Toadette Toadette Pink Starter
ParatroopaMKH Paratroopa Red Starter
169px-Babymariositting Baby Mario Light Red Starter
160px-BabyLuigibeinghimself Baby Luigi Bright Green Starter
BabyWario Baby Wario Dark Yellow Starter
Baby Waluigi Baby Waluigi Dark Purple Starter
429px-Petey Piranha NSMBVR Petery Piranha Dark Green Starter
Dry Bowser Art Dry Bowser Black Starter
Baby Rosalina by hikolol35 Baby Rosalina Aqua Starter
185px-Lakithunder NSMBDIY Lakithunder Light Black Starter
DKthumbsUp Donkey Kong Brown Starter
Kritter Kritter Yellow Green Starter
1000px-King K. Rool King K.Rool Leaf Green Starter
267px-PiantaTree Pianta Water Blue Starter
Babypeachsimple Baby Peach Dark Pink Starter
MSS Artwork Baby Daisy Baby Daisy Dark Green Starter
BPWii2 Artwork Rosalina Rosalina Light Blue Starter
Hammer Bro. SM3DW Hammer Bro Green Starter
250px-BoomBoomSM3DL Boom Boom Light Orange Starter
200px-Pom pom Pom Pom Hotpink Starter
129px-Whittle NSM64W Whittle Light Brown Starter
180px-BooMP8Official Boo Gray Starter
NokiShell Noki Royal Blue Starter
Toadsworth Toadsworth Light Brown Starter
BDKSluggers Baby DK Yellow Brown Starter
200px-MetalMario MK7 Metal Mario Silver Starter
Metal Luigi Metal Luigi Gray Starter
BPWii2 Artwork Dragonia Koopa Dragonia Koopa Red Orange Starter
Penguin Penguin Light Purple Starter
Cosmic clone 3d by starkid64-d4r7xhi Cosmic Clone Dark Purple Starter
180px-150px-TikiGoon Tiki Goon Dark Brown Unlock in Story Mode
200px-SMG Luma Luma Light Yellow Unlock in Story Mode
Miimage Mii Cyan Starter


Toad Road Bob-omb Factory Boo's Horror Castle Blooper's Beach Magma Mine Bowser Station DK's Jungle Ruins
Mid Bosses
MP9 Lakitu Icon
MP9 Whomp Icon
MP9 Dry Bones Icon
Dry Bones
MP9 Cheep Icon
Cheep Cheep
MP9 Spike Icon
MP9 Bowser Jr. Icon
Bowser Jr
BPWii2 Cranky Kong Icon
Cranky Kong
MP9 Lakitu Bust MP9 Whomp Bust MP9 Dry Bones Bust MP9 Cheep Bust MP9 Spike Bust MP9 Bowser Jr. Bust 118px-CrankyJet
Stage Bosses
MP9 Wiggler Icon
MP9 Big Bob-omb Icon
King Bob-omb
MP9 King Boo Icon
King Boo
MP9 Blooper Icon
MP9 Chain Chomp Icon
Chain Chomp
MP9 Bowser Icon
BPWii2 Squawks Icon
MP9 Wiggler Bust MP9 Big Bob-omb Bust MP9 King Boo Bust MP9 Blooper Bust MP9 Chain Chomp Bust MP9 Bowser Bust 220px-DKCR squawks

Other CharactersEdit


Stage Description Captain Event
Toad Road Toad Road is the first stage in Bradly Party Wii 2, and thus it is a simple stage with almost no gimmicks. It is designed after New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and features lush grassland, flowers and windmills. A broken bridge prevents players from moving forward, and if the Energy Meter does not add up, the players will fall to a lower route with Mini Ztar Spaces. 9 Island
200px-MP9 Toad Road
Bob-omb Factory Bob-omb Factory is the second stage in Bradly Party Wii 2. Players move around a room full of conveyor belts, and if the Captain lands on an Event Space, the conveyor belts will move the group of players around, including spaces. Bob-ombs will occasionally intrude a player's game. Whatever Captain happens to stop the Bob-omb's countdown, he or she will lose half of their Mini Stars. Side-by-Side Zone
MP9 Bob-omb Factory
Boo's Horror Castle Boo's Horror Castle is the third stage in Bradly Party Wii 2. Players move throughout a big castle, which is haunted with Boos. After a Captain passes a Boo Portrait, a Boo will come out of it. If a Captain is caught by a Boo, he or she will lose half of their Mini Stars. Boos will follow the players until they leave the current hallway, or enter an alternative room with lights. Before the players can face the boss, the Captain must roll a number higher than the specified numeral on the gate. Scaredy Rat Race
200px-MP9 Boo's Horror Castle
Blooper Beach Blooper Beach is the fourth stage in Bradly Party Wii 2. Players travel along an ocean to reach the end goal. If a Captain passes by a Dolphin, he or she will get five Mini Stars. However, Sushiswill take away half of the Captain's Mini Stars. Huckit Crabs will turn all the Mini Stars on the stage into Mini Ztars if a Captain lands on an Event Space, and vice versa if he/she lands on it again. Sunken Treasure
200px-MP9 Blooper Beach
Magma Mine Magma Mine is the fifth stage in Bradly Party Wii 2. This stage takes place in an active volcano where players mainly travel up and out of the vent. Players must escape rising magma that rises two spaces each turn, and is increased further if a Captain lands on a Magma Space. If a Captain happens to get hit by magma, he or she will lose half their Mini Stars. Dice Block Chicken
200px-MP9 Magma Mine
Bowser Station Bowser Station is the sixth stage in Bradly Party Wii 2. Bowser Jr.and Bowser are the stage's mid-boss and boss, respectively. A Jackpot Machine here will increase in Mini Stars if a Captain lands on a Jackpot+ Space. If the Jackpot Machine happens to have 20 or more Mini Stars, a Jackpot Minigame will commence. Oddly enough, this stage has no actual hazards. Heart Star Colony

Bingo Colony Speed Star Colony

200px-MP9 Bowser Station
DK's Jungle Ruins DK's Jungle Ruins is the seventh stage in Bradly Party Wii 2, which can be purchased from the Museum for 500 Party Points. Instead of collecting Mini Stars, players collect Bananas while trying to avoid Z-Bananas. Players make two laps around the stage before completing the whole set. Bananas and Z-Bananas are placed on each space rather than inbetween. The actual Boss Minigames in this stage are done in form of a bonus minigame to collect Bananas. These games are supported by Cranky Kong and Squawks respectively. Barrel Choice
200px-MP9 DK's Jungle Ruins


There are a 80 total minigames of 44 Free-for-All minigames, 10 1-vs.Rivals minigames, 10 Bowser Jr. Minigames, 14 Boss Minigames. These minigames can only be played in Extra Mode. The amount of players that can participate can vary for each minigame. These games can be played with two, three, or four players.

Free-for-All MinigamesEdit

Buddy Bounce

Logger Heads

Pinball Fall

Launch Break

Goomba Village

Speeding Bullets

Pianta Pool

Chain Event


Skipping Class

Mecha Choice

Jigsaw Jumble

Growing Up

Upward Mobility

Ring Leader

Smash Compactor

Peak Precision

10 to Win

Tuber Tug

Card Smarts

Toad and Go Seek

Polar Extreme

Goomba Bowling

Tumble Temple

Twist Ending

Manor of Escape

Player Conveyor

Ballistic Beach

Bumper Bubbles

Flinger Painting

Bomb Barge

Don't Look

Snow Go

Piranha Patch

Plunder Ground

Pier Pressure


Pit or Platter

Thwomper Room

Urn It

Goomba Spotting

Magma Mayhem

Pizza Me, Bradly

Fungi Frenzy

1-vs-Rivals MinigamesEdit

Ruins Rumble

Hazard Hold

Line in the Sand

Block and Roll

Tackle Takedown

Weird Wheels


Hole Hogs

Pix Fix

Mob Sleds

Bowser Jr. MinigamesEdit

Meach March

Bowser Pop

Double Pounder

Zoom Room

Cage Match

Crossfire Caverns

Bumper Sparks

Sand Trap

Pair of Aces

Pedal to the Paddle

Boss MinigamesEdit

Note: Cranky's Banana Blast and Squawks's Banana Bonus aren't actually boss minigames, since they don't appear in Boss Rush. They are categorized under boss minigames in Free Play, however.

Sock It to Lakitu

Whomp Stomp

Deck Dry Bones

Cheep Cheep Shot

Spike Strike

Bowser Jr. Breakdown

Cranky's Banana Blast

Wiggler Bounce

Bombard King Bob-omb

King Boo's Puzzle Attack

Blooper Barrage

Chain Chomp Romp

Bowser's Block Battle

Squawks's Banana Bonus

Extra MinigamesEdit

Castle Clearout

Shell Soccer

Goomba Bowling

Perspective Mode



When a player lands on a space, something is going to happen. Each space has its own effect, but like in previousMario Party games, every space is colour-coded. The colour of the space will tell what kind of event is going to happen.

  • Normal Spaces
    • Blue Spaces - Triggers good events and will help the player who landed on it.
    • Red Spaces - Trigger bad events and will hinder the player who landed on it.
    • Green Spaces - Neutral spaces that often lets one or all players attend an event that can either help or hinder the player.
    • Yellow Spaces - Trigger minigames when landed on.
    • White Spaces - Adds Mini Stars to the Jackpot on the Bowser Station board.
  • Star Spaces
    • Mini Star Spaces - Gives Mini Stars to the player who landed on it.
    • Mini Ztar Spaces - Takes Mini Stars from the player who landed on it.

If the player moves over a space with a half cross on it, he or she automatically stops at that space and an event starts. The only two spaces of this kind are the Boss Space and the Captain Event Space.

Because of the new rules in Mario Party 9, there are many new spaces introduced. Some old spaces returned as well, but some have a different effect (for example the Blue Space). With a total of 21 different kind of spaces, Mario Party 9 has the most spaces of the series. Also for the first time in the Mario Party series, some spaces are unique for a specific board. Here is a list of all the spaces in the game, with what kind of effect they have.

Space Effect Rarity
Appears on all boards
Green Space MP9 Green Space This space does nothing. Common
Dice Space 30px-MP9 Dice Space The Captain who lands here will receive a specialDice Block. Also has a chance to trigger a free-for-all minigame, or have Mini Stars. Common
Event Space 30px-MP9 Happening Space Triggers an event depending on the board and sometimes the player's placement. Uncommon
Dash Space 30px-MP9 Forward Space The Captain that lands here will roll the Dice Block again. Uncommon
Back Space 30px-MP9 Reverse Space The Captain that lands here will roll the Dice Block again. The vehicle will move backwards depending on the number obtained. Uncommon
Shuffle Space 30px-MP9 Alternate Space The orders of Captains change. Semi-Common (None when playing with 2 players)
Spin Space 30px-MP9 Random Space This space allows the captain to spin a wheel that is to their advantage. Uncommon
Lucky Space 30px-MP9 Lucky Space The Captain that lands here will enter a special route to gain Mini Stars, or enter a Toad House. Semi-Common
Unlucky Space 30px-MP9 Unlucky Space The Captain that lands here will lose Mini Stars by entering a special route. Rare
Bowser Space 30px-MP9 Bowser Space Triggers a Bowser Event. Uncommon (Common near the end of stages)
Mini Star Space 30px-MP9 1MiniStar Space Gives the Captain 1 Mini Star. Rare
30px-MP9 2MiniStar Space Gives the Captain 2 Mini Stars.
30px-MP9 3MiniStars Space Gives the Captain 3 Mini Stars.
30px-MP9 5MiniStars Space Gives the Captain 5 Mini Stars.
Mini Ztar Space 30px-MP9 1MiniZtars Space Deducts 1 Mini Stars from the player's current amount. Rare
30px-MP9 2MiniZtars Space Deducts 2 Mini Stars from the player's current amount.
30px-MP9 3MiniZtars Space Deducts 3 Mini Stars from the player's current amount.
30px-MP9 5MiniZtars Space Deducts 5 Mini Stars from the player's current amount.
Free-for-All Space 30px-MP9 VS Space Triggers a free-for-all minigame. Semi-Common
Battle Space 30px-MP9 Competition Space A free-for-all minigame will commence in which all players must participate. Mini Stars are distributed differently from regular minigames. Semi-Common (None when playing with 2 players)
1-vs-Rival Space 30px-MP9 1vs2 Triggers a 1-vs-Rival minigame with 3 players. The Captain is the solo player. Uncommon (None when playing with 2 players)
30px-MP9 1vs3 Triggers a 1-vs-Rival minigame with 4 players. The Captain is the solo player.
Bowser Jr. Space 30px-MP9 Bowser Jr Space Triggers a Bowser Jr. minigame where the Captain and a randomly-chosen ally must defeat him. Uncommon (None when playing with 2 players)
Captain Event Space 30px-MP9 Captain Space Triggers a specific Captain Event for the board. 1 on each stage. 2 onBlooper Beach and Magma Mine. 3 on Bowser Station.
Boss Battle Space 30px-MP9 Boss Space Triggers a boss battle for the board. In Party Mode, the Captain chooses the minigame. 2 on each stage
Board-specific Spaces
Magma Space 30px-MP9 2 Space Raises the lava level by 2 on the Magma Mineboard. Common
30px-MP9 3 Space Raises the lava level by 3 on the Magma Mineboard. Semi-Common
30px-MP9 4 Space Raises the lava level by 4 on the Magma Mineboard. Uncommon
Jackpot+ Space 30px-MP9 Jackpot5 Space Adds 5 Mini Stars to the Jackpot Machine onBowser Station. Common
30px-MP9 Jackpot8 Space Adds 8 Mini Stars to the Jackpot Machine onBowser Station.
DK Space 30px-MP9 DK Space Causes DK to start an activity where the Captain tries to collect the most Bananas spinning in a circle around the board. Common

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Names in Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリオパーティ9

Bradly pāti Wii 2

Bradly Party Wii 2
Spanish Bradly Party Wii 2 -
French Bradly Party Wii 2 -
German Bradly Party Wii 2 -
Chinese 瑪利歐派對9 (Traditional)

Bradly pàiduì Wii 2

Bradly Party Wii 2