Koopa Dance Wii
Koopa Dance Wii Box
Developer(s) Moonlight Studio
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) N/A
Release date February,4 2013

February,5 2013

April,1 2012

April,2 2012

Genre N/A
Mode(s) 1-4 Players

1-8 Players (Online)

Media Wii Disk
Input N/A

Koopa Dance Wii is a new game for the Wii. The game is set to be released between the times of Winter 2012 and Spring 2013.



Images Name Special Move
200px-KoopaSM3DL Koopa Troopa Green Shell
ParatroopaMKH Paratroopa Red Shell
Dry Bones Dry Bones Bone Shell
Hammer Bro. SM3DW Hammer Bro. Sledge
206px-180px-Goomba Goomba Micro Goomba
369px-MP8 Blooper Blooper Bloop Bomb
180px-BooMP8Official Boo Ghost Hunt
167px-PiranhaPlantSM3DL Piranha Plant Piranha Chomp
197px-Shyguy MP9 Shy Guy Snifit Cannon
FlyGuy Fly Guy Helecopter Attack
207px-SpearGuy Spear Guy Arrow
389px-Bandit New Bandit Coins Taking
150px-MaleMii Mii N/A


Images Name Special Move How to Unlock
BobOmbMKWii Bob-omb Big Bob-omb Complete the Mushroom Cup Stage 1
200px-Cheep Cheep Cheep Cheep Cheep Chomp Complete the Flower Cup Stage 1
180px-Montey Monty Mole Wrenches Complete the Star Cup Stage 1
100px-Pokey Pokey Spinning Daze Complete the Mushroom and Flower Cup Stage 3
250px-WigglerDS Wiggler Flutter Wings Complete the Mushroom Cup Stage 2
354px-Lakitu MK7 Lakitu Spiny Creature Complete the Flower Cup Stage 2
General Guy General Guy Stop Sign Complete the Star Cup Stage 2
Thwomp Thwomp Whimp Complete the Star Cup Stage 3
Pyro Guy YBA Pyro Guy Fireballs Complete all Cups



Mushroom CupEdit

Stage 1
Beauty and a Beat Right Round Call Me Maybe Want U Back
Stage 2
Wide Awake Closer Body Work Anything Could Happen
Stage 3
Wild One Good Time Scream Last Friday

Flower CupEdit

Stage 1
Summer Paradise Part Of Me Fireflies Glad You Came
Stage 2
Chasing the Sun Ready or Not This Kiss Gangnam Style
Stage 3
Hold My Hand Don't Wake Me Up Sorry For Party Rocking Heart As Break

Star CupEdit

Stage 1
Dum Da Dum Handliness Take Care Climax
Stage 2
Die Young Scream & Shout You And I Locked Out Of Heaven
Stage 3
King And Lionheart Va Va Voom I Knew You Were Trouble Diamonds


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