Lucario is a Generation IV species of Pokémon. Lucario evolve from Riolu if they are happy with their trainer during the Daytime. They are very rare Pokémon and can only be obtained via evolving a Riolu from a Pokémon Egg. They are very strong Pokémon and are always keen on battling loyally. They are very quick and agile, despite the fact that they are Steel Type Pokémon, however this could be from the fact that they are also Fighting Type Pokémon. All Lucario also have the amazing ability to sense and control a type of energy called aura, a Lucario that has mastered the power to control aura can sense the aura of a creature that is more than 100 miles away from it and even sense it's opponents next move before they've performed it. He was a playable character in the 2008 Wii game Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Game AppearancesEdit

Pokétennis 3DSEdit

Lucario appears is an unlockable character she's an power character this partner is Zoroark.



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