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Pokémon are creatures of the Pokémon World. They are used for several different reasons, from being caught and trained by Pokémon Trainers, to being used as pets and companions. They come in several type varieties, such as Grass, Electric, Water, Fire, and Normal. Pokémon learn various moves, dependent on their type, which are used for battles. A Pokémon has HP (Hit Points) and PP (Power Points). HP is the stamina of a Pokémon. Without health, the Pokémon can no longer fight, and faints. PP is similar to HP, but is used for attacks. If the PP of a move runs out, the Pokémon can't use that move again until healed or given a special item. If the PP of ALL of the attacks run out, the Pokémon can only use the move Struggle. To heal a Pokémon's HP and PP, its trainer must heal it at a Pokémon Center, or give it certain items. There are 719 known species of Pokémon (Pocket Monsters), as of Generation VI. Out of all the known 719 Pokémon species, there are 52 Legendary Pokémon.

List of Official Pokémon Edit

Kanto Pokémon (Red & Blue Versions)Edit

Johto Pokémon (Gold & Silver Versions)Edit

Hoenn Pokémon (Ruby & Sapphire Versions)Edit

Sinnoh Pokémon (Diamond & Pearl Versions)Edit

Unova Pokémon (Black & White Versions)Edit

Kalos Pokémon (X & Y)Edit

Central Kalos

Coastal Kalos

Mountain Kalos

List of BradlyKartmade PokémonEdit

Nintendo Pokémon (Bradly & Shawna Versions)Edit

Exeggur Pokémon (Fire and Water Versions)Edit

Luxous Pokémon (Shadow and Ghost Versions)Edit

Exember Pokémon (Ultra and Nova Versions)Edit

Southern Exember

North Exember

Country Exember

Center Exember

Plains Exember

Sampire Pokémon (Chocolate and Vanilla Versions)Edit

Laniea Pokémon (Brown & Pink Versions)Edit


  1. Mewthree
  2. Pikablu
  3. Pikaflare
  4. Millenium
  5. Anthrax
  6. Mysterio
  7. Apocalypse
  8. Ruin
  9. Psybir
  10. Psybird
  11. Doomsay
  12. Doomsday
  13. Tricket
  14. Hifishi
  15. Pokémaniac
  16. Tyranticus
  17. Primator
  18. Psyke
  19. Wizwar
  20. The Unidentified Dragon