A Pokémon Trainer is a class of a certain type of person, Trainers are traveling characters that catches many types of Pokémon to use in fights called, Pokémon battles, they befriend, help and soon after become teams to gain badges from leaders in various kinds Pokémon Gyms. There are many trainers throughout the entire Pokémon series.

Notable Pokémon TrainersEdit

  • Red - Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen
  • Leaf - Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen
  • Iron - Pokémon Iron, Amber and Copal
  • Amber - Pokémon Iron, Amber and Copal
  • Copal - Pokémon Copal
  • Bronze - Pokémon Bronze and Copper
  • Copper - Pokémon Bronze and Copper
  • Johnson - Pokémon Bronze and Copper
  • Opal - Pokémon Amethyst and Opal
  • Amethyst - Pokémon Amethyst and Opal
  • Chris - Pokémon Crimson and Jade
  • Jane - Pokémon Crimson and Jade
  • Sasha - Pokémon Aquamarine and Peridot