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Poketennis 3DS Box
Developer(s) Camelot Software Planning
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release date Retail
May 20, 2012
May 24, 2012
May 24, 2012
May 25, 2012
April 12, 2013
April 18, 2013
Nintendo eShop
October 18, 2012
October 18, 2012
November 1, 2012
December 20, 2012
Genre Tennis
Rating(s) Everyone
Three years and older
All ages
Mode(s) Wi-Fi, Multiplayer
Media Digital download
Input Control pad

Pokétennis 3DS is a new game on Nintendo 3DS this series of Pokétennis series there are all costumes for Mii.


Pokétennis 3DS There encludes 75 characters in total is 16 starters, 42 unlockables and 17 QR characters there are 6 types and the special moves by characters this character are partner There are 15 courts is 5 starters, 5 unlockables and 5 QR courts.


Menu ControlsEdit

Circle pad/Control pad - Select A button - Confirm B button - Cancel Start button - During a match, this button pauses the game and opens a menu that contains choices such as viewing game rules, setting gyroscope controls, choosing to re-do matches, and canceling matches. L button - Toggles between the character's dominant hand. R button - Toggles between the character's star rank. In multiplayer, this is based on the data of player who created the room. Therefore, the player who has created the room needs to have his or her characters starred if members of the room want to give their characters a star rank.

Game ControlsEdit

Circle pad/Control pad - Moves the character. A button - Performs a topspin shot that is faster. It has a high trajectory with a forward spin. B button - Performs a slice shot that is slower. It has a low trajectory with a backward spin. During a replay, this button restarts the replay at another angle. X button - Performs a simple shot. This button automatically performs the appropriate shot. Chance Shots performed by this button are slightly weaker. Y button - Performs a flat shot that is the fastest shot, but it has no spin. Also, this button can be used for Smash Shots. Note that Smash Shots and Purple Chance Shots are different shots. A button→B button - Performs a lob with a very high trajectory, which can land at the back of the court. B button→A button - Performs a drop shot, with very little bounce and trajectory. The ball can land at the front of the court. A button (while the opponent is receiving or serving the ball) - The character performs a taunt that makes his or her next shot stronger. L button - If the player is charging the ball, this button cancels the charge. It lets the partner know that player is going to hit the ball by saying, "Got It!" R button - If any character is serving, the button cycles through the three shot panel configurations: 3-panel, inverted 3-panel, and 6-panel.


Poketennis 3DS Full Selection Screen

There are final selection screen.


  • All-Round
  • Technique
  • Speedy
  • Powerful
  • Tricky
  • Defense

Starting CharactersEdit

Unlockable CharactersEdit

QR CharactersEdit

Unlocking CriteriaEdit

Wartortle Complete Level 3 of Ring Shot
Grotle Buy 100 coins in the shop
Torterra Unlock 2 Courts
Geodude Buy 50 coins in the shop
Emolga Buy 50 coins
Cofagrigus Buy 100 coins
Dewott Reach a total of 50000 coins
Magikarp Reach a total of 40000 coins
Meowth Reach a total of 30000 coins
Sudowoodo Reach a total of 20000 coins
Gyarados Reach a total of 10000 coins
Staryu Complete Level 3 of Squirt Showdown
Venusaur Reach a total of 9000 coins
Ivysaur Reach a total of 8000 coins
Togetic Reach a total of 7000 coins
Pichu Reach a total of 6000 coins
Raichu Beat Ash 5 Times
Mudkip Beat Victini and Snivy 5 Times
Golduck Beat Psyduck 5 Times
Garbodor Reach a total of 5000 coins
Zekrom Reach a total of 4000 coins
Boldore Beat Piplup and Oshawott 5 Times
Excadrill Beat Charizard and Blastoise 5 Times
Lucario Buy 150 coins in the shop
Chimchar Buy 200 coins in the shop
Monferno Buy 200 coins
Infernape Buy 150 coins
Wailord Buy 250 coins in the shop
Charmeleon Reach a total of 3000 coins
Charmander Reach a total of 2000 coins
Arbok Buy 250 coins
Rattata Unlock Charmeleon and Charmander
Snorlax Unlock Rattata
Wooper Unlock Monferno and Infernape
Gengar Buy 300 coins
Zubat Buy 300 coins in the shop
Metapod Reach a total of 1000 coins
Caterpie Unlock Metapod
Butterfree Unlock Zubat and Gengar
Deoxys Unlock 4 Courts
Mewtwo Unlock all Courts
Zoroark Unlock all Characters
Trubbish QR Code
Joltik QR Code
Slowpoke QR Code
Krabby QR Code
Seel QR Code
Throh QR Code
Scizor QR Code
Sawk QR Code
Amoonguss QR Code
Foongus QR Code
Karrablast QR Code
Onix QR Code
Steelix QR Code
Samurott QR Code
Frillish QR Code
Jellicent QR Code
Alomomola QR Code


Starting CourtsEdit

Images Name
200px-Lake Lucid Lake Lucid
200px-Pallettown2 Pallet Town
Mt. Moon Mt. Moon
200px-Pokéstar Studios Pokéstar Studios
200px-S.S. Tidal Tidal Cruise

Unlockable CourtsEdit

Images Name How to Unlock
200px-Burned Brass Tower Brass Tower Escape Reach a total of 100 coins
200px-Snowpoint Temple Snowpoint Temple Reach a total of 200 coins
200px-Slateport City Slateport Shipyard Reach a total of 300 coins
200px-Sealed Chamber Sealed Chamber Reach a total of 400 coins
200px-Resort Area Resort Court Reach a total of 500 coins

QR CourtsEdit

Images Name How to Unlock
200px-New Bark Town New Bark Court QR Code
200px-Giant Chasm Giant Chasm QR Code
200px-Mistralton City Mistralton Court QR Code
200px-Desert Ruins Desert Ruin Court QR Code
200px-Diablo's Ocean Diablo's Ocean QR Code

Other ArtworkEdit