Rockman: Remains to Be Seen is a ROM hack for the game Mega Man.

Hack game is coming very late 2018/2019.

The score has been completely removed just like in Rockman Claw.


  • DLN-001 Rockman: The main protagonist of the series and the player's character.
  • Doctor Thomas Light: A brilliant robotic scientist who created many robots, including Rockman and Roll.
  • Doctor Albert W. Wily: The main antagonist of the series, a mad scientist who wants to conquer the world.
  • DLN-002 Roll: Rockman's "sister".


Robot MastersEdit

Model No. Name Weapon Weakness
DLN-003 Cut Man Speed Cutter Lightning Beam
DLN-004 Guts Man Jumpblock Arm Fire Eruptions
DLN-005 Ice Man Ice Chuckers Junkblock Arm
DLN-006 Bomb Man Destroy Bomb Ice Chuckers
DLN-007 Fire Man Fire Eruptions Speed Cutter
DLN-008 Elec Man Lightning Beam Destroy Bomb

Fortress BossesEdit

Bosses in Dr. Wily's robot factory:

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

Final Stage:



# Title Music Remix
1 Stage Select Jason Derulo - Cheyenne
2 Game Start Mega Man X2 - Stage Start
3 Cut Man Stage Life Force - Stage 2
4 Guts Man Stage George Michael - Faith
5 Ice Man Stage Mega Man Ultra - Flash Man
6 Bomb Man Stage Rockman Z - Clash Man
7 Fire Man Stage Double Dragon II - Into the Turf (Mission 1)
8 Elec Man Stage Rockman 2: Gray Zone - Quick Man
9 Boss & Dr. Wily Stage 4 Rockman 2 Deus Ex Machina - Wily Stage 3
10 Stage Clear Mega Man X - Stage Clear
11 Game Over Plok - Stage Clear
12 Wily Stage 1 Rockman 3 Claw - Wily Stage 1
13 Wily Stage 2 Mega Man 7 - Wily Stage 2
14 Wily Stage 3 Calvin Harris - Summer
15 Wily Stage Boss Battletoads & Double Dragon - Boss
16 Final Boss Gradius III - Boss Battle 4
17 All Stage Clear Super C - Game Over
18 Staff Roll SRW Impact - Super Beast Machine God Dancougar (Movie) BGM